Ultimate Guide to Infographic Storytelling
Company Group Training

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In this 4-week on- and offline course your team will create their own infographic, personally guided by our teachers.
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Why your team will love this course

They will create their own, beautiful, information-driven infographic with our lessons on data-storytelling, color, typography, graph and interaction design

They will improve by receiving live feedback from our experts and fellow learners during the course and in our two Online Group Sessions.

They'll uncover secrets of the first 'hidden' stage of infographic design

Our tried and tested Information Design Process will professionalize their design practice

They will feel more confident in client projects

But they really love our extra's: A free Workbook with Templates they can use in their daily practice and a Premium Lesson on Responsible Design.

Course overview

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In the 4-week program of the Ultimate Guide to Infographic Storytelling we cover all the basics of good infographic design. In a combination of online theory and quizzes, offline assignments and personal guidance by our teachers, your team will learn to create beautiful, information-driven infographics.

Participating as a
team will enhance
organizational learning

Teams will take on their online learning journey together, which makes it easy to link individual to team learning, firmly embedding new knowledge in your organization.
  • Enhanced knowledge co-creation
  • Sharing of practices and learning experiences
  • Hands-on practice and utilization
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Contact us for more information on a private secure learning environment and personal guidance by one of our teachers.

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A little bit more about this course and about us

We are professional designers who've helped hundreds of clients navigating the challenges of sharing data and information.

This course contains 10 years of our personal, hands-on experience with information design and working with clients, crammed into our ultimate approach to information and infographic design.

It will fill you up with all the knowledge, tools, free templates and practices you need to improve your infographic design practice and create beautiful infographics with a positive impact.

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What our community says about us 

The course is very accessible because of the video's. They are very inviting. I was also inspired by the work of others. I found the discussions in the community very valuable
Joost - data scientist
Thanks for the workshop. Afterwards, we got many positive reactions. My colleagues liked the teacher’s spontaneous and professional attitude.
Johannes - policy maker
We had a very nice day with the infographic training and are now looking how to apply what we’ve learned in our reports.
Anke - project leader science research
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