99% of infographic designers make this mistake.

You only see the tip of the iceberg of the infographic process. Scroll down for the advice that will save your life.
You dream of creating meaningful, aesthetic designs that flow out of your hands effort- lessly. And you invest lots of time and energy into creating them because you are dedicated. We've been there too. 
But this is exactly were you go wrong. You focus on the design and forget the 80% that comes before it. We mean: the process before the actual design. 

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Meet our founders

LakmoesLAB is an online learning community founded by information designers with over 10 years experience in design practice.

Barbara Wagensveld, PhD

Barbara combines her experience from her scientific career with a keen eye for aesthetics and detail to help creators and curators of information share their knowledge. She obtained her PhD at the Donders Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in Nijmegen studying processes in children's brains when they learn to read. 

Marjolein Pijnappels, MSc

Marjolein is an incorrigible visual thinker who sees connections everywhere. You can count on her to think up creative concepts to visualise data and information. She founded knowledge dissemination agency Studio Lakmoes in 2010, of which she and Barbara are currently the co-owners.
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