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Ultimate Guide to Infographic Storytelling

Everything you need to know about making infographics: our Ultimate Guide contains all the theory + skill practice you need.
  • Format

    Online skill course
  • Starting date

    May 2021
    90 days access
  • Contents

    9 lessons / 9 weeks
    40+ hours theory + practice
    Free Premium Lesson
    Free Workbook with templates
  • Practice

    work your own case
    connect with other learners
    2 Live Group Sessions

Why you'll love this course

You will create your own, beautiful, information-driven infographic with our lessons on data-storytelling, color, typography, graph and interaction design

You will improve by receiving live feedback from our experts and your fellow learners during the course and in our two Live Group Sessions.

You'll uncover secrets of the first 'hidden' stage of infographic design

Our tried and tested Information Design Process will professionalize your design practice

You will feel more confident in your client projects

But you'll really love our extra's: A free Workbook with Templates you can use in your own practice and a Premium Lesson on Responsible Design.

Is it for me?

This course is for everyone who creates or commissions infographic designs or wants to share information visually.

Experienced freelancers

Experienced freelancers who want to professionalize their infographic practice.


Researchers who use infographics to share results with peers or the public.

Beginning designers

Beginning designers who want to learn to create their first infographic.

Policy makers

Policy makers who use visual narratives to communicate to the public.

Communications professionals

Communications professionals who want to know the basics of infographic design.

A little bit more about this course and about us

We are professional designers who've helped hundreds of clients navigating the challenges of sharing data and information.

This course contains 10 years of our personal, hands-on experience with information design and working with clients, crammed into our ultimate approach to information and infographic design.

It will fill you up with all the knowledge, tools, free templates and practices you need to improve your infographic design practice and create beautiful infographics with a positive impact.

What our students say about us

During the course, the importance of a good preparatory process before you start designing infographics, became very clear. That's where it starts. And you save a lot of time if you get the start right. The course provided practical tools to shape that process. The fact that we worked on our own design was extra fun.

Danielle — marketing and communication

Thanks for the workshop. Afterwards, we got many positive reactions. My colleagues liked the teacher’s spontaneous and professional attitude.

Johannes — policy maker

I enjoyed taking the lessons. I found it particularly helpful to get personal feedback. I enjoyed discussing the infographic drafts and learn from the tips the other participants got as well.

Floor — student

Wat you get by taking this course

10 years worth of knowledge and practical experience crammed into 9 online lessons, 8 video's, theory, quizzes and Workbook Assignments
Personal feedback by our experts throughout the course and in two Live Group Sessions
Free Infographic Workbook with assignment and tips to create better infographics

worth €2.500

worth €2.000

worth €49

You'll get all that ánd free access to our growing learning community at LakmoesLab for only €4549


That's a 89% discount, by the way :)
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