Infoviz for Scientists

Infoviz for Scientists helps scientists to visualize research results and improve their visual communication skills and create your very own infographic.
  • Format

    2 Live sessions
    Online theory
  • Course date

    Januari 2021
  • Contents

    2 videos
    6 lessons
    1 quiz
  • By scientists for scientists

    We know from first-hand experience how academia works and love to help you on you way.

Welcome to Infoviz for Scientists

We are never going to solve the complex problems of our overpopulated, polarised, inequal, 2022 world by aimlessly (re)sharing multitudes of information and data. We need meaningful stories that make sense of the data and we need scientists that are better storytellers.
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In this course you will learn:  

  • About our tried and tested Information Design Process
  • Get familiar with the five essential steps of infographic design: Defining and understanding; Creating a story; Prototyping; Designing; and Testing
  • Practice by creating your own infographic

Infoviz for Scientists

What our students say about us

During the course, the importance of a good preparatory process before you start designing infographics, became very clear. That's where it starts. And you save a lot of time if you get the start right. The course provided practical tools to shape that process. The fact that we worked on our own design was extra fun.

Danielle — marketing and communication

Thanks for the workshop. Afterwards, we got many positive reactions. My colleagues liked the teacher’s spontaneous and professional attitude.

Johannes — policy maker

I enjoyed taking the lessons. I found it particularly helpful to get personal feedback. I enjoyed discussing the infographic drafts and learn from the tips the other participants got as well.

Floor — student
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Infoviz for scientists

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