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  • Personal Zoom Session
  • Expert advice
  • 30 minutes
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Personal 1-on-1 expert session with Barbara or Marjolein
  • 30 minute zoom session
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We both have over 10 years of experience in information storytelling, organizing offline workshops and giving lectures all over the world.
And before becoming designers, we were scientists. The analytical approach we used in science and the experience with complex subject matters combined with our designer skills give us unique insights in the world of information sharing and design.

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Marjolein Pijnappels, MSc

After obtaining her Master's degree in Biology Marjolein worked on the boundary of climate change science and policy, supporting knowledge dissemination and co-creation. In 2010 she founded information design agency Studio Lakmoes.

Barbara Wagensveld, PhD

After studying Biology, Barbara obtained her PhD examining what changes in the brain when children learn to read.After a post-doc trajectory, she decided to switch and become a partner at Studio Lakmoes and co-founded LakmoesLab in 2021.

How can we help you?

We offer personal 1-on-1 sessions to help you on your way. Book a session and we'll schedule a zoom meeting where you can ask us anything. For example:

How can I communicate about this complex topic?

Share with us your topic and the type of information you have and we can help you on your way to communicate about it in a meaningful way. 

Can you give feedback on my infographic design?

If you have an infographic design or sketch and are unsure how to proceed, we'll give you design feedback on how to improve your infographic design.

I am stuck for ideas to share data

Are you sitting an a heap of data but don't know how to share it, contact us for a quick brainstorm on what you could do with your information-based story.
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How does it work?

book a session
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