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Discover your learning style

Some people prefer spoken word to reading when they want to learn something new. Maybe you are a visual learner, and you remember images more clearly than text, or learn by seeing someone do it, rather than hearing them talk about it. Discover your learning style.

On a day to day basis we use a lot of words to share information. Whatsapp messages, emails, news blogs: we consume lots of text.

But words are not always the best way to explain or understand something. Images are particularly powerful to communicate a message or learn something new.

The human brain understands images better and faster than language. That's because we are visual beings and ore brains are wired to recognize patterns and make connections.

So how do other people learn?
The majority of people have a strong preference for learning by seeing something.
60% of people have a visual learning style: they learn by seeing it
30% of people have an auditory learning style: they learn something by hearing it told
10% of people have a kinesthetic or tactile learning style: they learn hands-on, by doing it

What's your learning style?
So let's focus on you, what's your learning style? The best way to discover this is to think back at a moment in your life when you were actively acquiring new knowledge or a skill. When you were in school or taking a course.

Did you read all the learning materials or browse over it?Did you learn by getting your hands dirty and experimenting yourself? Did you create mind maps and visualize information in your head or on paper?

People with a visual learning style learn by seeing. They easily visualize information in their head and make connections between what they know and the new information. If you have a visual learning style you'll often find yourself creating mindmaps and schematics of what you've learned. You like to see an example of a project before trying out yourself. Visual learners can remember the passage from a book in their mind.

An auditory learning style is characterized by learning through listening. Auditory learners prefer listening to a lecture over reading a textbook, or hearing instructions for a project instead of figuring it out hands-on. You have a good memory for spoken information and are often very eloquent yourself. It's not difficult for you to explain your own ideas and voice your thoughts.

People who prefer to learn by doing are called kinesthetic or tactile learners. They have excellent physical memory, and they learn while doing. If you have a tactile learning strategy you're likely very coordinated and have great hand-eye coordination and quick reaction times. You will learn best through hands-on activities.

So how do you prefer to learn? Do you recognize your approach in one of the strategies or do you apply a mix of all of the above?
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